Month: February 2019

Oakham scout group link with a group from Dodgeville, USA

During half term, some of our beavers and cubs had the chance to speak to some cubs from Oakham’s twinned town of Dodgeville in the USA.

They are 6 hours behind us and so they got up super early and headed to school early so they could speak with us. Both sides asked lots of questions about scouts in America and the UK and we found there were some differences.

Hopefully this is the start of our groups being linked and this is the start of other conversations over the internet to learn about each other.

Apprentice Night at Scouts

The challenge:

Design an ad campaign for toothpaste for 5-10 year olds, each patrol had to:

  • name the product
  • write a slogan
  • design a mascot
  • design the packaging
  • write a 30 second TV ad

they had one hour before presenting to Lord Sugar and Lady Brady!

Also, Ian put the flag up!

There was some excellent teamwork, planning, imagination and inspiration. Well done to everyone and especially to Wolves Patrol for getting hired.

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